people who dont wet their toothbrush before using it are strange and should not be trusted



Does this mean that feeding beef to my dog is forcing him into cannibalism?

No more than if you ate a Canadian.

There’s a hole in my lawn and evidently Welly just discovered it’s perfectly dog shaped


if u tag me in things i will be 100% happy idont even care what it is


when someone is about to take the slice of pizza you had your eye on

So my mother bailed on me…

I NEED A RIDE!!!!!! SOS. HELP ME FOR THE LOVE OF THAT IMAGINARY GUY IN THE SKY!!!!!!!!! I need to go to that party!!!!!!!!




im in the shower and my dad just said hurry up and I said “dad … do you know how long it takes to shave a leg?” and he said no and I said “longer than it takes to kill a man” and I can hear him hysterically laughing omg

How the hell are you updating from the shower?

by bein very careful


dont hate the player, hate the controller, this shit is broken i swear to god i jumped bro


gettin real fucking tired of ppl on here telling feminists to “stop generalizing men” its like you do realize that you are just trying to further silence the women who are fucking angry 

get over yourself……….stop being so hurt……………. the worst feminists telling it like it is can do to you is make you uncomfortable ……………. go away

Reblog if you want anonymous questions.






the year is 2073 and your granddaughter is slowdancing with her boyfriend to gangnam style at her senior prom

how do you slow dance to gangnam style

we will find out in 2073

why are you at your granddaughter’s senior prom?

grandma likes to get funky and relive the glory days